Caked Up University- Gaithersburg High School Summer Camp 2017

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location Gaithersburg High School: 

(Can drop off at 8:30am, instruction starts at 9am) 8:30am-3:30pm 

Session 1: (June 20-24, 2017) Everything Icing!:

This is going to be the best camp ever! We are so excited to utilize Gaithersburg High School. Students will learn the fundamentals of food handling and safety with Safe Serve certified instructors, how to make a cake batter, ice a cake, icing decorating using professional cake decorating tools and learn how to make icing. With these skills, each student will design a masterpiece to take home on Friday to show off to the family. 

Session 2: (July 31-August 4, 2017  ) Fondant and Modeling Chocolate!

Students will learn how to make fondant from starch and cover a cake with fondant like the pros! We will also make cake toppers and decor with class made fondant, modeling chocolate and chocolate piece work. With these skills, each student will design a masterpiece to take home on Friday to show off to the family.

Session 3: ( August 7-11, 2017 ) FAIR WEEK!

Using the learned techniques in past weeks of camp or their own, students will design a masterpiece to enter in The Montgomery County Fair!  With the guidance of bakery staff and instructors, students will chose an appropriate category to enter their finial project to remain on display at the Montgomery County Fair and win a ribbon! The last day of class, we will take a field trip to the fair with your masterpiece! Staff will help with registration and provide an option to spend the day at the fair (if time permits).  

We will go on a field trip each Tuesday of camp to the:

Water Park at Bohrer Park

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It is not required to attend session 1 & 2 to attend session 3 but highly recommended!! Students who attend all three sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion! And a $75 DISCOUNT! 

 ( please pack lunch or pizza w/drink will be available for $5/day)

*Class withdraw fee:  Students may transfer to another class or receive a full credit toward other products and

services provided by Caked Up N'Stuff with no additional charge. Students who withdraw from class before the first day

can receive 50% of tuition reimbursement. and 50% credit toward other services and products. 

 Past awards won by Caked Up University Students;

2016: Our camp had 24 entries, all came home with a ribbon including numerous 3rd, 2nd and 1st place but we also took home the prestigious GRAND CHAMPION in cupcakes and BEST IN SHOW!!!! Congratulations to our amazing students!!!

2015: We had 12 entries, all came home with a ribbon! In 2015 we brought home 2nd in iced cake, 1st in fair themed cake, fondant covered cake, wedding cake design, 3rd for fondant piece and our most impressive, a 10 year old student won 2nd place in fondant covered cake for the ADULT category!  

2014: Our students had 3 entries bring home 1st place in all categories and GRAND CHAMPION!

2013: Our students had 3 entries bring home 2-2nd place ribbons and 1st!

2012: Our students had 1 entry bring home 1st place